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Management Buy-In for New Programs

We asked our workshop leader Dean Malouta for 11 ways to improve the buy-in and overall success for new programs in a large organization.

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The Wild West of Tech

The following post was written in conjunction with Bronson Lerma, a serial entrepreneur and AR evangalist.

For most, Pokemon Go was the first glimpse of augmented reality, and the beginning
of an international craze that sent players searching for virtual creatures embedded
into their view of the real environment. What few realize is that augmented reality
has been around much longer than Pokemon Go, but more importantly, the
technology is about to change many aspects of our everyday lives.

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Is Virtual Reality Dead?

For this week's article we partnered with Ricky Holm to help answer the question is Virtual Reality (VR) dead?

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Why Big Business Should Join the Coworking Ecosystem

Many articles have been written both for and against the concept of coworking (shared) spaces. This article seeks to address the potential value add of big businesses partnering with Coworking and Accelerator spaces. First, for the purpose of this article, let’s align on some definitions:

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The Difference Between Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality

There is a lot of confusion around the buzz-words Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). This article sets out to clarify some of the key differences between these different technologies.

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5 Jobs Created by Emerging Technologies (that don't exist yet)

It’s on everybody’s mind: when will my job be replaced by emerging technology? Well we have a great article that covers what jobs are most at risk to be replaced by automation.

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5 Jobs Emerging Technology will replace in 10 years

As with all technological advancements, some are more disruptive than others. Most people in today’s workforce are aware emerging technology will change their job, but the extent at which that change will occur is often overlooked or ignored. A hand-full of resources and articles exist addressing these changes, and here is our take on it. Below is a quick breakdown of 5 professions that are predicted to be extinct in 10 years (in no particular order)


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